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Fear of Sharks – Why hypnosis is a quick and comfortable way to get over fear of sharks


Fear of Sharks – Why hypnosis is a quick and comfortable way to get over fear of sharks

Does the thought of sharks make you nervous about entering the ocean, anywhere?

Do you find you get anxious even looking at pictures of sharks on TV or in magazines?

Of course you know that most of us are extremely unlikely ever to see a shark anywhere except in a movie or on TV, or perhaps in an aquarium. You know that they're not really a serious threat to you, even if you live in or are on vacation in a known shark area.

But somehow the thought of them, just seems very unnerving and enough to make you anxious, and perhaps get you to avoid swimming, snorkelling, diving, jet-skiing and other sea-side fun.

Why you can't talk yourself out of a fear of sharks

You've probably tried to talk yourself out of it. Maybe friends or family have tried to talk you out of it (when they weren't mercilessly teasing you about it, that is).

Maybe you've looked up reassuring statistics. Or read lots of facts about sharks on the internet. But somehow the feeling stays. And stays in control of you.

The reason you can't banish those feelings with facts is that the feelings aren't anything to do with the facts. They are born out of a strong emotional reaction you had, either to a real-life incident, or to a fictional event such as in a movie drama.

When you respond with high emotion to something, your brain makes a ‘link' to that thing – whether it was trivial, major, real or fictional.

Whenever something reminds you of the initial event – even in just a passing way – your brain, quick as a flash, activates that link and brings back the same level of emotion. Whether it's appropriate or not. It's actually a mechanism for keeping you safe, but it's darned inconvenient when it fires off inappropriately or when it's not wanted.

Can you ‘unlink' the emotion?  Thankfully the answer is yes, using hypnosis.

Use hypnosis to ‘neutralize' you to the idea of sharks

Hypnosis is effective for all sorts of fears and phobias because at its core, hypnotherapy is about deep relaxation. Pairing this state of mind and body with the idea of the feared object ‘retrains' the unconscious mind so it can respond calmly in future.

Overcome Fear of Sharks is an audio hypnosis session created by psychologists with wide experience in helping people conquer all sorts of fears and phobias. As you relax and listen regularly to your download, you will quickly find that

  • you are experiencing a deep sense of relaxation
  • all kinds of worries seem less important
  • you are comfortably taking control of your emotional responses
  • the thought of sharks just no longer bothers you
  • you are looking forward to being by the ocean and even swimming if you want

Download Overcome fear of sharks and enjoy yourself in the water. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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