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Fear of Others Vomiting – Why hypnosis is the ideal treatment for this disabling phobia


Fear of Others Vomiting – Why hypnosis is the ideal treatment for this disabling phobia

Fear of vomiting (also known as emetophobia) can mean fear of vomiting yourself, or fear of other people vomiting. The two are often connected, but not always.

People we have helped with fear of vomiting say things like they would avoid hospital dramas on TV just in case a character vomited. Some of them wouldn't fly because someone on the plane might vomit. And as for sailing or fair ground rides – forget it!

Even other people coughing can ring the alarm bell – what if this person is about to vomit?

Fear of others vomiting (in fact any fear) tends to make us avoid situations where the feared experience may arise. So many emetophobes avoid potential pleasures in life such as eating out in restaurants or going for a drink in local pubs or bars.

Replace fear with normal levels of displeasure or disgust

Of course no one enjoys the sight, smell or sound of someone vomiting but a full scale fear response is still totally unwarranted. We can replace fear with normal levels of displeasure coupled with calm and sympathy.

One young emetophobe said that after treatment he felt calm and actually went to help when his sister was subsequently sick.

Why hypnosis is ideal

Fundamentally, therapeutic hypnotherapy is about deep relaxation. This state of mind and body can then be paired with the feared object or situation, retraining the unconscious mind that it is not dangerous.

The Fear of Others Vomiting hypnosis session will help re-educate your unconscious mind so that it treats someone vomiting in a more balanced way. And you can forget about organizing your life around your fear.

Download Overcome Fear of Other People Vomiting now and be surprised just how relaxed you can be. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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