How to Overcome Fear of Commitment in Relationships

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Fear of Commitment – Update your unconscious mind to embrace the benefits that commitment brings.

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Fear of Commitment – Update your unconscious mind to embrace the benefits that commitment brings.

Fear of commitment is like a cruel negative voice inside your head.

It's constantly whispering to you about your choices. It might be about your relationship choices. Or it might even be about something as trivial as deciding which restaurant to go to.

This fear is the bugbear of decision making in general. Why? Because it constantly ambushes you with a ‘what if?'

Anxiety about the future and the ‘what if?' question

Now at first sight the ‘what if?' question looks useful. You are considering your options. ‘Shall I get into a long term relationship with this person?', for example.

That's a very big question, which will have a major impact on your life. It is only sensible to think through the implications of your choice. ‘What if it doesn't work out?' ‘What if I meet someone else?' But we're talking of a much more serious risk.

How you can get trapped by your worries about what will happen

You see, undue anxiety about how things will turn out actually locks you into an unending series of ‘what if?' dilemmas. Whatever decisions you make in life, trivial or serious, there are always consequences you cannot possibly foresee, no matter how carefully you examine your options.

You want to be sure, before you make your decision, that it is the right one. That's understandable, of course, but actually, it's simply impossible.

Overcoming fear and making good decisions

What is possible is to make the best decision that you can, having informed yourself as well as you can about the implications. When you are clear about the outcome you prefer, and what it will take to make that outcome more likely, you can go ahead and get on with your chosen course of action.

So making good decisions is really about being able to relax with uncertainty, with not being in control of absolutely everything.

And overcoming fear of pledging yourself to a relationship, conquering that fear of commitment – or indeed any other major decision – will actually free you up to really make the most of the opportunities that life presents.

Why hypnosis can help you overcome fear of commitment

Overcome Fear of Commitment is an audio hypnosis session which utilises the power of your unconscious mind to help you escape from the limiting traps set by anxiety. You will find that the old worry just melts away as you listen and relax.

A clear psychological understanding of the processes of decision making is combined with powerful hypnotic suggestions to take you through a transformative journey to real inner freedom.

Fear of commitment is driven by unconscious patterns that were established by some experience in your past. It's not necessary to know what that experience was (although you may), because hypnosis can gently and quickly update these old patterns to give you more freedom to choose in the present.

Download Overcome Fear of Commitment now and take control of your decisions. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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