How to Overcome Fear of a Heart Attack

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Heart Attack Fears – Let hypnosis lower your stress, reduce worries and reassure your unconscious mind


Heart Attack Fears – Let hypnosis lower your stress, reduce worries and reassure your unconscious mind

Cardiac anxieties after a heart attack are natural…up to a point. A certain level of anxiety will prompt you to make valuable changes in the way you live your life, but preoccupation with the possibility of having another heart attack just increases stress and makes you depressed.

Everything becomes a sign of a heart attack

And the fact is fear of heart attack can plague your every waking moment. Every twinge or discomfort is monitored and seen as evidence of an impeding cardiac arrest. Racing of the heart may be seen as an impending heart attack rather than just a natural stress response.

Maybe you limit yourself and stop doing any activity at all. If you've had a heart attack then you should have had an ‘exercise test' before leaving hospital which would have determined what is a safe level of activity for you. You may have fears about resuming sexual activity.

Perhaps even medical reassurances make little difference to your fear that you are destined for another (or even a first) heart attack.

Heart attack wake up call

Having a heart attack is a wake up call that you need to change the way you live. Maybe relax more, take some exercise, eat healthily, drink more water, drink less alcohol and of course quit smoking.

For some a heart attack leads to feelings of depression, hopelessness and despair

Many people see a heart attack as a ‘second chance' to make new priorities in their life but for many it can lead to increased fear that it will happen again. To avoid further heart problems you certainly need to manage your heart health and that means acting on qualified medical advice and taking prescribed medication.

This hypnotic session focuses on the psychological aspects of heart health because fear of a heart attack can become an obsession.

Learning to manage stress

Clinical research has long shown a strong link between stress and heart disease. (1)

Stress is an inevitable part of life but if left unmanaged too much stress can lead to all kinds of emotional and physical problems including coronary artery disease, hypertension, angina and even heart attacks.

Hypnosis can help calm heart attack fears

Hypnosis will not only sooth heart attack fears allowing you to feel confidence in your own body again; relaxing hypnosis has been shown to help prevent heart attack and aid recovery from them. Regular relaxation reduces blood pressure and gives your heart a rest.

And because attitude is extremely important in determining physical health and well being hypnosis is an excellent tool for improving your expectations around your future health.

This session is going to give you suggestions to relax and regain confidence in your body's ability to look after you and in your heart capacity to be strong and healthy. You'll experience deep rest and relaxation and gain a new found confidence and optimism in your future.

Download Calm Heart Attack Fears now, get rid of your fears and start living a more heart-friendly life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

(1) For example studies conducted by Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Duke and most recently, The University of Washington, reports that while the exact path connecting chronic stress and heart disease may vary from person to person, there appears to be a general and concrete pattern.

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