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Let Time Heal – Hypnosis can help you let time do its work


Let Time Heal – Hypnosis can help you let time do its work

Do you grit your teeth when well-meaning folk try to comfort you by telling you that you “just need to let time heal”?

Do you sometimes wonder if other people have any idea what dealing with grief and loss is really like?

Time, by itself, doesn't heal anything.

When people don't know what to say about some terrible injury or loss that you've suffered, they often fall back on the easy platitude, and tell you that time heals all wounds. As if all you have to do is wait, and all your grief and hurt will just melt away one day. But in truth that platitude is more comfort to them than it is to you.

The truth behind the platitude of time's healing work

However, when you unpack the platitude and look at it more closely, you can see that it's a sort of shorthand for a greater, more complex truth. The capacity to heal is innate in all living beings.

When you suffer a physical injury or illness, your body instinctively sets about repairing itself, even if you take no action. We've all healed from countless scratches, cuts and illnesses, for instance, without ‘doing' anything about them.

Throughout time, the best ‘medicines' humans have used collaborate and enhance what the body already does naturally. And with the aid of our best medicine, today we can now recover from physical damage that once our bodies would not have been able to survive.

But our capacity to heal is not limited to physical illness or injury. When we suffer psychologically through mistreatment, bereavement, or misfortune, the inner damage can be great, even though it is invisible.

But here too the process of healing starts from inside, instinctively and naturally. Everybody processes loss in their own unique way, but we can still identify common patterns in how people deal with it, and eventually come to be able to move on with their lives.

The role of time in processing loss

One of these common patterns is the role of the passing of time. Time is not in and of itself the ‘healer', but rather the essential framework in which healing takes place. Confusion arises because we often mistake our grief over our losses with the loss itself. This leads us to see the pain of grief as a problem that itself needs to be solved, rather than the ‘salve' (healing ointment) that it is for our real loss.

‘Grieving' is in fact the process of dealing with loss. Through grieving, we gradually come to accept the reality of our loss, and learn to live with it.

This process cannot be hurried. It needs time, different amounts of time for every person, for every circumstance of loss. When you allow yourself the time you need to do the work of grieving, and when you collaborate with time to gently nurture your own healing process, you are like a good doctor – working with and for nature, and not against it.

And there is a powerful way you can help yourself.

Hypnosis can help you make more of your healing time

Let Time Heal is a deeply relaxing audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will transform how you feel about and how you cope with your situation.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you will experience a number of profound changes taking place within you.

In particular, you will notice that you

  • start to sense the rise of a small spring of quiet peacefulness, even if the pain of loss is still very intense
  • become more accepting of the process, and more patient with yourself
  • are less likely to be overwhelmed by the difficult emotions associated with grief
  • feel a deeper trust in the power of your mind and body to heal
  • are more prepared to go easy on yourself
  • begin to experience times of quiet calm that let you know you are on your way.

Download Let Time Heal now and give yourself the best possible gift you could receive right now. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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