How to Develop Powerful Intuition With Hypnosis

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Awakening Intuition – Learn how to pay attention to your unconscious with this permissive, gentle hypnosis audio


Awakening Intuition – Learn how to pay attention to your unconscious with this permissive, gentle hypnosis audio

Do you go with your ‘gut’ or does logic rule the day?

Common sense might tell you to ignore your instincts because there is no evidence to support that decision or viewpoint.  But sometimes your ‘head’ should listen to your ‘heart’ and go with what you feel and not what you think.

Intuition: Knowing what you don’t ‘know’

It’s been estimated that a trillion bits of information enter our senses every second but only a fraction of that ever makes it to consciousness.  But your unconscious mind picks up all kinds of signals that you are not aware of.

These signals can nudge your conscious mind which may dismiss these feelings as irrational and groundless. Strong emotion distorts perception but true intuition happens when the mind is calm and receptive.

Intuition: Feelings not thoughts

When there is something significant going on that reaches your unconscious mind but not your conscious, then all you know (consciously) is that something does or doesn’t ‘feel right.’

But if there seems to be no good logical reason, then you may discard the feeling as superstition or as irrelevant, but it might just be your unconscious trying to alert your conscious mind to something important and maybe you should actually pay attention.

Many of us have abandoned our intuitive powers

Modern life tells us to only rely on logic and reason but your unconscious mind can calculate with lightening speed –  relaxing and trusting it can make you more powerful in life.

People with great intuition know how to watch, observe and see patterns.  Once they observe these patterns, they can make calculated guesses – the unconscious mind can make a guess about something on the basis of you having picked up a pattern.

For example, your unconscious mind could pick up the pattern that most of the doctors you meet wear a certain type of clothing or even exhibit certain facial gestures. Maybe these patterns don’t really make it to your conscious mind but next time you meet a doctor you may just get the feeling that he or she is a doctor. Your guess turns out to be correct and hey presto it seems like psychic phenomena.

When you really observe and notice patterns, you can have fun making predictions. You can start guessing stuff about people based on feeling (such as what they do for a living) and then find out whether you’re right. This will strengthen your intuitive powers, however you can really enhance your intuition with hypnosis.

Hypnosis: direct access to your intuition

Hypnosis is a direct link to your unconscious mind. By learning to use hypnosis in your life you’ll strengthen your intuition because you’ll:

  • Be more relaxed.
  • Be more open to patterns in life.
  • Become more aware of your own intuitive voice trying to make itself heard.
  • Use your intuition to make better decisions and predictions.

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