How to Deal With The Negative Critic

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The Negative Critic – Prepare yourself to withstand their negativity with hypnosis


The Negative Critic – Prepare yourself to withstand their negativity with hypnosis

Negative critics bring you down.

Always picking at you, chipping away at your confidence, complaining about something or other.

Being on the receiving end of someone's negative carping, especially if it's directed to you is demoralizing and downright depressing.

The worst thing is when you begin to believe or ‘swallow' the messages of the negative critic because then your self-confidence and self-esteem begin to suffer.

Become immune to negative criticism

Once you start to see through the overblown and emotive statements of negative criticism you'll begin to become immune to them.

You don't have to take criticism on board. If someone gives you bitter tasting chewing gum it doesn't mean you have to chew it! If someone criticizes you then you can chew it briefly, and then spit it out!

But being criticized is an emotional experience and can make you anxious and/or angry. The more emotional you become the harder it becomes to think clearly or to defend yourself.

Hold your own against negative critics

The ‘Dealing With the Negative Critic‘ hypnosis session will get you feeling calm and in touch with your logical brain during times of criticism. It will also give you real strategies to hold your own against the critic.

Download ‘Dealing With the Negative Critic‘ now and start feeling better about yourself. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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