How to Deal With the ‘Know It All’

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The Know-It-All – A hypnosis audio with tips and strategies to deal constructively with know it alls


The Know-It-All – A hypnosis audio with tips and strategies to deal constructively with know it alls

Being a ‘know-it-all’ is a form of bullying even if that is not the intention.

The know-it-all has an opinion on everything regardless of whether they actually know anything about the subject or not. You know the type: something is self-evidently true purely because they happen to think it.

Know-it-alls are bombastic, opinionated and bad at listening.

What the know-it-all lacks is the humility to say: “I do not know enough about this to form a proper opinion”, or “You may be right because you have more experience in this area than I do”.

Set on transmit not receive

Know-it-alls are on set on ‘transmit’ most of the time. They are not up for receiving input from others. They want to be the ones giving out, transmitting their pearls of ‘wisdom’.

What they don’t know isn’t worth knowing and when they do learn something well… according to them, they knew it already.

The know-it-all may be a highly intelligent person but their know-it-all attitude makes them narrow minded and less and less able to learn as the years roll by.

Putting you down without meaning to?

The obvious solution seems to be to avoid the know it all as they have a great way of putting other people down by implication. In other words if they know everything then you know nothing. Or anything you do know you know because of them. That’s the way they can make you feel.

Bad for self-esteem

The know-it-all can damage your self-esteem because there is something compelling about certainty – you feel that they are right even if you know they are wrong. It’s a tricky one!

The trouble is they can feel hard to deal with especially if they happen to be your boss or the person you live with.

Being a know-it-all is a form of greed. Wanting to take all credit and direct all things at all times regardless of other people is like someone grabbing all the food at the table.

The know-it-all may take on board other peoples’ ideas but then claim them as their own or say that ‘everyone knew that any way.’ They are in fact greedy over ownership of knowledge.

Your ‘How to Deal With the Know It All‘ hypnosis download will give you both tips and strategies and prime your unconscious mind to respond constructively to the know-it-all.

Remember it’s not down to you to change the know-it-all, just to deal with them in ways which are more constructive and cause less conflict. You need to be able to remain calm and objective and remember that they do not know everything and that you, yourself, can contribute.

Download How to Deal with the Know it All now and enjoy your next interaction with them. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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