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The Angry Bully – Stay calm and collected – prepare yourself with hypnosis


The Angry Bully – Stay calm and collected – prepare yourself with hypnosis

Having to deal with an angry bully on an ongoing basis can make your life hell.

In fact the impact from regular contact with just one angry bully in your life can spread out and start to diminish the quality of your whole life.

Angry bullies shout and scream without giving you a chance to explain or justify yourself and use humiliation and fear as weapons to manipulate you.

How bullies work

When a bully knows what is important to you they know how to manipulate you. If your work is important to you they'll attack your work efforts. If being sociable is important they attempt to isolate you. If progressing up the career ladder is important to you they'll seek to block your advancement.

Bullies can be very perceptive when seeing what is important to different people because they use that information as weaponry.

Bullies routinely disrupt work and personal relationships and are continually undermining and disrespectful. They may think their aggressive ‘leadership' is motivating but low morale means low productivity.

Too much self esteem, not too little!

Contrary to popular opinion the latest research suggest that aggressive bullies are not like this because they feel badly about themselves or have low self-esteem – in fact they are more likely to have unrealistically inflated high self-esteem so don't be tempted to feel sorry for them! (1)

Bullies come in many guises. Some just don't listen to you, others have to have the last word all the time or constantly fail to do what they said they would. S

ome make you feel like you have got to watch your back because of what they might be saying about you to others. Often they'll criticize anything you say or do just because it came from you!

Aggressive bullies compete for status and the spotlight and will want to make themselves look good by making you look bad.

Why advice alone won't work

All the best advice in the world will fall away when you are under attack from a bully.

When a bully shouts at you and displays open hostility it becomes harder to think and defend yourself. The more emotional they make you the more your thinking brain shuts down.

Angry bullies specialize in raising the emotional temperature so that you can't think.

How to stay calm when under attack

Happily, there are ways to deal with angry bullies which will make your life so much easier.

The Secret of Dealing with an Angry Bully‘ hypnosis session will hypnotically prepare your mind to remain calm and detached so that your emotional state is no longer manipulated by that bully.

Hypnosis can enable you to remain calm naturally when the bully starts throwing their toys out of their pram.

Download ‘The Secret of Dealing with an Angry Bully‘ now and replenish your self esteem and confidence. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

1 Self-esteem and its relationship to bullying behaviour

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