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The Control Freak – Stay calm and confident by preparing yourself with hypnosis


The Control Freak – Stay calm and confident by preparing yourself with hypnosis

Does your relationship sometimes feel more like a dictatorship?!

Control freaks can make relationships very difficult indeed, especially if the control freak in your life happens to be your life partner.

Over-possessiveness is stifling and suffocating. Possessive control freaks do anything to get their own way, including emotional manipulation and even outright bullying.

Do they treat you as a project?

Control freaks feel they have to dictate every aspect of a project and if you are their ‘project’ then you can have a real sense that they are stealing your autonomy and independence. Their possessiveness can drive you crazy.

Control freaks are often uncomfortable even acknowledging that other people have a point of view!

Your partner may be attractive and know how to be charming when it suits but if they are over-controlling then something needs to be done for your sake. Control freaks will often:

  • Try to control every aspect of your life
  • Dictate what you and your friends should do
  • Hate you going out or doing anything without them
  • Seem threatened by any opinions that don’t full in line with what they think
  • Feel threatened by areas of your life that don’t directly concern them and may criticize things they don’t even know about
  • Always assume they know what’s best for you regardless of your point of view and give advice whether you asked for it or not
  • Resent other people in your life who seem to exert influence over you in some way such as your boss, or good friends or even family members. They may constantly criticize or even try to keep you away from such people.
  • Check up on you to see what you are up to. They may even go through your phone numbers or interrogate friends, colleagues as to your whereabouts

We all have a basic need of for a sense of control but the control freak has a need that is out of control! They may tell you their controlling possessive ways are signs of ‘true love’ but that’s part of the control.

How hypnosis can help

One thing that hypnosis does par-excellence is enables you to rehearse feeling differently in difficult situations.

So you can prepare yourself psychologically to remain calm in the face of manipulative and bullying behavior. When the control freak picks this up, their behavior may change immediately, without you needing to do much more.

If your relationship is more like a dictatorship then you need to do something to stop being bulldozed and get your self-respect back.

Download the ‘Secret of Dealing with the Relationship Control Freak’ and get some balance back into your relationship. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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