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Job Loss – Job loss can be hard to deal with – give yourself a hypnotic helping hand


Job Loss – Job loss can be hard to deal with – give yourself a hypnotic helping hand

Losing your job is tough.

Your self confidence gets knocked sideways, you may feel a loss of status and security – all leading to self doubt just when you need to pick yourself up and turn your life around.

And the longer it goes on, the worse it can get. You sink deeper into a pit of self doubt, wondering why anyone would want to hire you again.

The opportunities of change

Although it often doesn't feel like it at the time, many great opportunities come when one phase of life ends, opening up the space for new possibilities and rewards.

Whether dealing with the loss or identifying the opportunities, you will have to take practical measures.

For this you need a clear and calm mind.

How hypnosis can help

The permissive, gentle hypnosis audio ‘Dealing With Job Loss' will enable you to deal with job loss surprisingly calmly and constructively.

It will give you psychological tools to maximize optimism and self confidence and the space to cope more effectively with the negative emotions.

Regret or bitterness about the past are natural responses to job loss, but the Dealing With Job Loss session encourages you to move on with vigor and positivity. It will help you:

  • relax deeply and clear your mind
  • move on and feel what's done is done
  • remind yourself on a deep level of your qualities, the things that you have achieved and can achieve in the future
  • give you a real sense that you are at the beginning of something new and productive.

Download Dealing With Job Loss' now and feel the possibilities unfold. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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