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Kleptomania – Stop stealing with this gentle hypnosis session


Kleptomania – Stop stealing with this gentle hypnosis session

Kleptomania is a big problem.

The compulsive need to steal usually has nothing to do with needing the item but everything to do with trying to fill a gap in your life.

But of course, kleptomania as a solution to personal problems doesn't work – it just makes things a whole lot worse.

Maybe kleptomania has got you into trouble or you're afraid that it will soon. Loss of dignity and even professional security can result from being caught thieving in stores or elsewhere.

Kleptomania is different from just shoplifting

Kleptomania – the compulsive need to steal – is different to shoplifting. Shoplifting is generally well planned and is carried out to provide goods for personal use or monetary gain.

Kleptomania is compulsive and impulsive. Which means that it can feel like it takes you by surprise and that you can't resist it.

It may even be that the kleptomaniac is more attracted to stealing things if they are likely to get caught. Kleptomania can be similar to obsessive compulsive disorder and is a psychological condition.

Symptoms of kleptomania

The ‘symptoms' of kleptomania include:

  • Repeatedly yielding to the impulse to steal objects that are needed neither for personal use nor for their monetary worth.
  • Just before the theft experiencing increasing tension.
  • At the time of theft and just after feeling gratification, pleasure (a thrill/buzz) or relief.

Meeting your emotional needs the wrong way

We all do things in life to try and meet our own emotional needs. If you aren't getting essential needs met (for example for attention, recognition and intimacy, excitement and stimulation) through appropriate means then you might unconsciously try to meet these needs though theft.

This may be at the root of your kleptomania. This session will help you be more consciously aware of your emotional needs and motivate you to meet them in healthy ways.

Kleptomania steals from you

The irony is that kleptomania steals from you. It steals your time, dignity, self respect and integrity. It can even steal your liberty and livelihood as well as the respect from others.

Kleptomania is like a parasite that feeds off your resources. It steals from you while seeming to offer relief from life's difficulties.

How hypnosis can help you stop stealing

Because kleptomania relies on a kind of negative trance state to hold it in place, we can actually use hypnosis to break the bonds of kleptomania.

The Conquer Kleptomania hypnosis session, as well as being deeply relaxing and enjoyable, will train your mind to ‘step out' of the theft trance at will and give you your freedom from kleptomania for good.

Download Conquer Kleptomania now and get control back. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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