How to Boost Your Gym Workout Motivation with Hypnosis

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Gym Motivation – Get your unconscious mind to support you in your fitness goals for yourself


Gym Motivation – Get your unconscious mind to support you in your fitness goals for yourself

You know the story. You join the gym full of good intentions and start paying your monthly gym membership fee.

You go to the new gym and enjoy hanging out there – after a few visits you might even enjoy the exercise.

But bit by bit your motivation begins to slip. You know you should go to the gym but somehow there's always something else to do. The trouble is those ‘other things' usually aren't nearly as good for you, and don't give you the positive mood lift that the gym can.

Gym motivation or gym guilt? It's up to you.

Once your initial workout motivation has died off, the ‘gym guilt starts'. Whenever someone mentions the gym or you notice your body isn't really the shape you want it to be you get a twinge of guilt about not going to the gym. And it gets even worse when you see the debit on your monthly bank account.

Now the whole thing starts to feel unpleasant and so you avoid it even more. But you don't cancel your gym membership because you fully intend (or you think you do) to start going regularly again – to ‘get back in shape'. The trouble is this can all be self deception.

Get your unconscious mind working on your motivation for you

The things is, motivation comes from the unconscious mind. That's why when you're motivated you don't have to talk yourself into it, you just go. (And that's why when you start trying to argue yourself into going to the gym, you've already lost.)

The trick is to build workout motivation at the unconscious level. Which is where hypnosis comes in.

As you listen to the Become a Gym Regular session, you'll find:

  • You start to feel motivated like you did at the start
  • You stop looking for excuses not to work out
  • You don't get into arguments with yourself about whether to hit the gym or not
  • You develop a powerful underground stream of motivation that keeps you working out, getting stronger and feeling good about yourself

Download Become a Gym Regular now and get rid of gym guilt. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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