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Be More Romantic – Romance begins in the mind – let hypnosis give you the attitudes of romantic people


Be More Romantic – Romance begins in the mind – let hypnosis give you the attitudes of romantic people

What does ‘romantic' mean to you? Does it arouse positive, delightful, expectant feelings, or does it send your heart into your boots?

Do you associate it with flowers, surprises, heart-stopping kisses, treasured tender moments with the one you love? Or does it make you feel awkward, or shy, or resentful, or even irritated?

Why does the thought of ‘being romantic' arouse such strong reactions in people?

Being romantic and being in love

We react strongly to the idea of romance because it is powerfully associated with something very important to us. We aren't ‘romantic' with parents, or children, or friends.

Romance comes into our lives with Cupid's arrow. Suddenly, another person out there becomes supremely significant to us. We fall in love. We find a soul mate. Everything about them is wonderful and every moment with them is precious and magical.

In that precious and magical state, everything we do is naturally romantic. Just sharing a sandwich can be full of meaning. We want to give ourselves to our loved one.

We can't really do that, of course, so instead we give them gifts. We invent occasions to be together, to have fun together. This is a time to savor and treasure, when it comes your way.

Do you doubt that you can be more romantic?


  • What if… you're past the ‘being in love' stage of your relationship?
  • What if… you haven't got a special someone in your life right now?
  • What if… you're ‘not the romantic type'?

Is that the end of it?

Being more romantic can enhance any relationship

Even if you don't have Cupid's help right now, you are not barred from the joys and benefits of romance. Looking after the ‘romantic' side of a relationship – even a long-established one – can give it sparkle and actually generate a more passionate connection between you.

The humdrum of everyday life can dull any relationship, and being more romantic can help you both remember how special you are to each other.

Preparing for romance

If you don't have a lover in your life right now, this is a perfect time to develop in yourself the mindset and the creativity to ensure that – when the time comes – you will make the most of how romantic you can be.

Although love makes romance natural, you'll be amazed how much further you can take it if you are mentally and emotionally prepared to be more romantic.

Everyone can be more romantic

And if you find the idea of behaving romantically with a partner somewhat out of character for you, remember that being romantic isn't ‘about you'. It's about how you can show your appreciation of your partner in a way that they will enjoy.

That doesn't mean doing things you hate – it means thinking about what you can enjoyably do with or for them. Talking it over together can be a part of being more romantic.

So how can one go about ‘being more romantic'?

How hypnosis can help you be more romantic

Be More Romantic is an audio hypnosis session for lovers and would-be lovers. It allows you to make use of the most powerful part of your mind – your unconscious – to create, realize and embed within you patterns of thought and behavior that will lead to enhanced relationships.

You can sit back and relax with Be More Romantic and just allow the powerful hypnotic suggestions to work at the deepest level. You will learn how to use highly effective transformative processes on yourself, easily and effortlessly.

Your creativity and ingenuity will expand in areas even beyond romance. You will notice yourself automatically being more romantic without consciously thinking about it. And it's such fun!

Download Be More Romantic and see where that spark takes you! After all, just taking the time to listen to this session is romantic in itself!

You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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