How to Be More Right Brained and Find Meaning in Life

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Be More Right Brained – Find more meaning in life by restoring balance to your brain with hypnosis


Be More Right Brained – Find more meaning in life by restoring balance to your brain with hypnosis

Do you sometimes feel you get bogged down by the systematization of modern life?

Do you want to get back in touch with the meaningful, creative side of yourself?

Balance is the key to health and happiness in many aspects of life, and this goes for the way we use our brains as well.

As humans, we have an astounding ability to break things down into their component parts, conduct analysis, and come up with explanations.

Systems govern much of modern life, rules and regulations keep us safe and on track as societies.

But that's not all that makes us human.

Because we also have a deep need for creativity, intuition and meaning.

Right brain advances

Throughout history, civilizations have advanced on the basis of new ideas, products of the right brain.

The ability to shape stone into tools during the Stone Age allowed humans to create like never before, and the discovery of bronze opened up this new world further.

Even in the more left-brained, scientific age, true breakthroughs come from right-brained leaps of intuition.

Personal connections, the domain of the right brain, to both other people, and the natural world, have permeated human life throughout history.

Our appreciation for beauty makes us truly human.

Both sides of the story

While our left brain is good at analyzing components of a whole, the right brain specializes in viewing the big picture and welcoming new ideas.

And both of these aspects of the brain are integral to our ability to understand and appreciate the world.

But much of Western society today encourages us to be more left brained and forgets the importance of the right.

Iain McGilchrist titled his masterwork on this topic ‘The Master and his Emissary', after an ancient tale warning about what happens when the Emissary takes over and becomes the master.

Modern society is both a product of this left-brained approach, and the creator of it.

So it can be difficult to use your right brain in a balanced way, as the World pushes you further into your left hemisphere..

And this can stop us from enjoying true connection in life, from seeing what's truly important, and from benefiting from the true extent of our creativity.

Learn how to use the right side of your brain with hypnosis

Be More Right Brained is an audio hypnosis session that will help correct the imbalance. The metaphorical, deeply relaxing form of hypnosis used here at Uncommon Knowledge reminds your brain just what it means to use the right hemisphere and provides you with training so you can switch into a more right-brained mode at will.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Find it easier to understand the different modes of the two sides of your brain
  • Start to live your life in a more balanced way
  • Start to find more meaning in life
  • Feel more spontaneous in yourself.

Download Be More Right Brained now and rediscover the joy in life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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