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Be Punctual – Create the habit of punctual timekeeping in your unconscious mind with hypnosis


Be Punctual – Create the habit of punctual timekeeping in your unconscious mind with hypnosis

If you're looking for ways to be more punctual, you've no doubt experienced problems through being late, and likely more than once.

You probably already feel bad about appearing sloppy, lazy, unprofessional, selfish or undisciplined due to poor time-keeping.

The trouble is, that in today's highly scheduled world, being punctual is extremely important. It is taken as showing respect and consideration for others and to demonstrate that you have self-discipline and organizational ability.

Being late just isn't as acceptable as it once was.

When the best of intentions don't work

How annoying is it when you don't intend to be late but somehow you just never seem to be on time?

Of course everyone can be late for an appointment if circumstances really do go against them – the plane is delayed, there's a huge traffic jam or a thief steals your wallet. This kind of thing may be unavoidable but I'm talking about general bad time keeping.

If you are on time 8 times out of 10 then you are a punctual person, but if you are late more often than this then your punctuality could do with a helping hand.

Reasons for poor punctuality

There are many reasons for regularly being late, from different brain organisation such as dyslexia to a lack of skills around timekeeping.

Maybe you never seem to leave yourself enough time and always seem to underestimate just how long you'll take to arrive. Perhaps you end up trying to beat the clock on the way to your appointment and arrive stressed and apologetic. Being more punctual is all about good planning and organization and knowing when to act.

How hypnosis can help improve your punctuality

Hypnosis, above all, helps us communicate with the unconscious mind. And from there our mind reminds us what to focus on, what is important, and when we need to act.

The Be Punctual session will help educate your unconscious mind to adopt and use the punctuality habit. It will also teach you the skills of good timekeeping so that being on time becomes second nature to you.

Download Be Punctual now and transform your working and personal life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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