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Confident Dancing – Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to dance like no-one’s watching.


Confident Dancing – Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to dance like no-one's watching.

You know what it's like everyone seems to be getting down onto the dance floor and having a great time to a great song but you feel frozen to the spot.

Suddenly self consciousness, embarrassment and even fear lock you into inaction. Others try to get you up dancing but you feel you just can't.

How self consciousness inhibits your natural instincts

Real dance is a natural expression of how a piece of music makes you feel. And self consciousness has no part in that.

Self consciousness when dancing is like trying to paint fine art with a paint roller. Maybe you feel like you've got two left feet, no sense of rhythm or that you'll look ridiculous and everyone else looks as if they know what they are doing.

The more pressure people put onto you to get up and dance the more anxiety you can feel when it comes to dancing. But dancing is one of life's great pleasures and should be uninhibited and joyful.

Dancing is a spontaneous physical expression of emotion and enjoyment, the more relaxed, spontaneous and confident you feel when you dance the more you enjoy it.

Making dance a form of communication

The feeling is that all eyes are on you when you dance but of course the truth is other people are just enjoying the moment or focussing on their own experience.

When you really merge with the dancing experience then feelings of separateness disappear and you feel a sense of collective connection just as the sea is made up of separate drops but all the drops together, in unison, go to make up something together-dancing is about connecting to a force of spontaneity greater than your individual experience.

Of course the more you dance the better you can dance.

There is also another wonderful benefit to confident dancing. It's a great way to connect with people. We communicate verbally with others but when you dance you communicate on a whole other level.

How hypnosis gets you into the dancing trance

When you have fun dancing then you go into a kind of natural trance state where time seems to disappear – this is how people ‘dance the night away.' Everything else in life seems to fade away when you have a great dance and that's one of the attractions of dancing.

Actually learning new dance moves develops the same parts of the brain that improves social confidence! So regular enjoyable dancing can make you more confident generally with other people and is a great way of overcoming shyness in all areas of your life. When you start to feel so much more confident dancing you'll notice all kinds of knock on benefits.

When you were very young there was a time before you ever learned to be self-conscious, when you could play and interact with life and the world in a direct, spontaneous way-imagine that freshness of experience!

Hypnosis can remind your mind, deeply, of this natural uninhibited part of you so that the next time you dance, it feels so right.

Download Confident Dancing now and you won't be able to wait to get out on the floor. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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