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Masculine Man – Develop the attitudes and behaviors of a masculine man with this powerful hypnosis session

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Masculine Man – Develop the attitudes and behaviors of a masculine man with this powerful hypnosis session

It used to be easy to be a man. A man could express his manliness in occupations that only men could do, men had a role to fulfill that was clear and understood.

But the climate has changed. As the roles between men and women have merged it's harder to know what being a man is supposed to be.

People talk about the ‘feminization' of society. Even men's magazines are becoming more like womens' – selling cosmetic products for men and focusing on appearance over all else.

New man vs old man

The ‘new man' is supposed to be sensitive, caring and nurturing, all attributes traditionally associated with being a woman.

Yet on average males have much higher levels of testosterone making men more naturally suited to risk taking, competitiveness, physical activity and action. To deny these masculine traits is to deny nature.

Women like manly men

Many woman talk about the merits of the ‘nice guy' but are really more attracted to a man who displays traits traditionally associated with being a manly man – assertiveness, confidence, energy, incisiveness, determination, strength of mind and body, stamina, nobility, self sacrifice and leadership.

This hypnosis session teaches you how to be more manly at an instinctive level; to be strong and self controlled and decent. It will unashamedly encourage the real man in you to come forth.

This doesn't mean getting into fights or being ‘macho', but about displaying the qualities of manliness at work, in relationships, in school or wherever in your life you need to ‘man up'.

Use this hypnosis audio session to learn how to be confident enough to take defeat on the chin and not pass the buck of blame unfairly.

Have grace under fire, be dignified, have pride but not boastfulness.  Know how to treat women well and with respect but not allowing yourself to be manipulated or pushed around.  Take calculated risks, push fear aside and be dutiful and chivalrous.

How hypnosis can help you be more manly

Your attitudes and instincts are mediated by your unconscious mind. And hypnosis is the art of communicating with the unconscious.

And so using hypnosis, we can update your instincts to be comfortable expressing your masculine traits in a mature, controlled way.

The Be a Manly Man session will lead you through a powerful hypnotic rehearsal, preparing your mind and body to;

  • be assertive, confident and in control
  • remain relaxed and self assured in the face of fire
  • take calculated risks and be dutiful
  • be more decisive

This professional hypnosis session will deliver a deep and lasting boost to your masculinity, freeing you from self doubt and confidence crises.

Download Be a Manly Man now and reclaim your masculinity. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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