How to Be a Calm, Assertive Parent

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Assertive Parenting – Hypnosis can help you develop the emotional skills to parent the way you want to


Assertive Parenting – Hypnosis can help you develop the emotional skills to parent the way you want to

Hell hath no fury like a spoiled child.

“I want to tell him off but even when he's being horrid I just feel sorry for him and just give in!”


” She is so spiteful, rude and demanding sometimes and pushes me around but I feel guilty for the fact that I spilt from her father and because of that guilt I'm weaker than I should be with her…!”


“My parents were so tough and mean to me I don't want to be anything like this so I tend to let my child do as they please…”

Do any of these sound familiar to you? They are all common reasons we hear for not supplying tough love to children who may be crying out for direction and constructive discipline.

It may feel easier, but really it's much harder

The saying goes: “If you parent your kids, you can spoil your grandchildren, but if you spoil you kids, you'll have to parent your grandchildren.”

It can feel easier to let your kids have their way when they kick up a storm… but in the long term it's much, much harder.

The fact is that children need clear boundaries, they need to know where they are, what they can and cannot do. When you are tough but fair, loving and strong then your child feels more secure, learns to respect themselves and others and has a chance to develop self discipline.

So what has stopped you parenting assertively?

Maybe you feel guilty and seek to assuage this guilt by giving in too often to your child. If you are a single parent or feel you can't always provide enough time or money for your child this guilt may have meant that, as attempted appeasement, you give in too easily.

Maybe you want a quiet life and your child has learnt that if they keep on enough or become aggressive and rude then you'll give in and essentially reward them for their bad behavior.

How hypnosis can help you parent assertively

In the moment of disciplining your child you need to dissociate from your own emotional responses or conditionings. Your feelings of guilt, anger, or not wanting to ‘repeat the mistakes of your parents' need to be put aside as irrelevant when you are setting clear limits.

When you are calm and clear headed then you can, when needed, provide good strong assertive parenting.

Hypnosis can help you change your automatic limiting emotional responses so you can know when to use toughness to say ‘no' to your child and mean it.

The Assertive Parenting hypnosis session is going to help you remain calm, detached and fair when setting firm limits because sometimes the fairest you can be to your child is to be firm and strong with them.

Download Assertive Parenting now and give your child the chance they need. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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