How to ask for a pay raise calmly and confidently

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Asking for a Raise – Hypnotically rehearse successfully negotiating a pay rise


Asking for a Raise – Hypnotically rehearse successfully negotiating a pay rise

Do you find the thought of ‘selling yourself' and communicating your value at work deeply uncomfortable? Or perhaps you find your boss intimidating and the thought of asking for a raise just plain scary.

It's a common mistake to assume that your manager at work has carefully thought through your pay level, and that somehow, asking for a pay raise is like telling your boss they are wrong in some way.

Recognise your value and be confident you can prove it to others

Everyone wants to be recognised for a job well done, and of course, paid appropriately.  Asking for a pay review can feel like a huge challenge but it's an assertive, self-possessed course of action if presented correctly.

There may be many reasons why you've avoided this conversation with your boss.  Maybe people are being made redundant, or jobs outsourced, or your boss is simply difficult to talk to.  Perhaps you just don't feel you have the right words or have little idea how to negotiate effectively.

No one likes to invite criticism and asking for a pay raise can feel like doing just that.  Your boss might shoot you down for thinking you're better than you are, you're being a difficult employee or you're emotionally blackmailing them.  Or your boss might open doors to a better pay level, a more challenging and financially rewarding role and support your professional development.

It's understandable why the mere thought of asking your boss for a review may leave you with butterflies in your stomach, or tossing and turning at night. This is a catch-22 because to do yourself justice when you have that conversation, you need to be relaxed and confident.

A calm mind will increase your chances of success

If you present your case looking and sounding terrified, it sends the unconscious message “I am asking you for something I don't believe I deserve”. So who could blame a boss for turning the request down?

The Asking for a Raise hypnotic download will:

  • teach you the negotiation tools to make a ‘convincing case' for more money
  • give you tips on how to ask for a raise with confidence
  • prime you to feel super confident and relaxed when asking for your pay raise
  • allow you to rehearse asking for a raise before actually doing it

Download Ask for a Raise at Work now and multiply your chances of success.

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