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Crying at Work – Use this gentle yet powerful hypnosis session to help control your emotions in the workplace


Crying at Work – Use this gentle yet powerful hypnosis session to help control your emotions in the workplace

You know you shouldn’t cry at work but there are times when just can’t help it, right?

And you hate how unprofessional it is, and the impact it might have on your career.

But you’ve tried not to cry, and it hasn’t worked. What can you do?

Why do women cry at work?

Women typically cry more than men, visibly at least 1, and traditionally it’s been more acceptable in western cultures for women to cry publicly.

Men tend to mostly cry through sadness. Women may cry for many other reasons such as anger, frustration and relief.

There is nothing wrong with crying par se. Crying on the right occasions can act as a stress release valve and also send out the signal to others: ‘I’m vulnerable please take care of me-don’t attack!’

But at work it can be seen as manipulative and an unfair advantage that male colleagues don’t have access to. And it can’t be great for your promotion chances, right?

Emotional control is a valuable skill

Having access to our emotional lives can make us better able to be empathetic and understand others but if we have too little control over our emotions we are like a riderless horse and carriage careering unpredictably in all directions.

Most people in a work situation understand crying occurred after some tragic or shocking event such as unexpected death or if someone’s personal life circumstances have become overwhelming difficult.

But when tears seem to happen randomly then it’s seen as weak, unprofessional, incapable, distracting or even manipulative.

Tears in the workplace are seen as inappropriate and have adverse effects on your professional image making you seem inept, over-emotional, unable to think logically and generally incompetent.

Both male and female bosses view crying at work as a sign of un-professionalism and someone not being up for the job 2.

Crying displaying vulnerability at work seems to show that you can’t deal with difficult situations and perhaps should not be working in areas of responsibility.

How hypnosis can help you control crying at work

Just as anger management sessions teach us how to respond more productively to frustration in our lives so to can ‘crying management’ help us to find alternative responses to old triggers for tears.

The Stop Crying in the Workplace hypnosis session will help gently update your unconscious mind with a more mature response to situations that make you cry at work.

It will provide you you with a greater sense of a relaxed over-view of situations and events as well as encouraging you to hypnotically rehearse those tricky times where you may have ‘lost it’ before.

Download Stop Crying in the Workplace now and become the professional you need to be. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


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