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High Blood Pressure –

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High Blood Pressure –

A client of mine, Elaine had high blood pressure and she was worried. She'd tried everything from cutting down her sodium levels, through yoga to crystal healing. She was certainly an open minded 78 yr old.

Why wasn't Elaine's high blood pressure coming down?

Lowering her salt intake, taking more exercise, and reducing her stress had improved Elaine's general health – and since all these factors influence high blood pressure you would think her scores would have dropped. But she found whenever she went to her doctor she was still getting a high reading.

When she came to me, Elaine was at the end of her tether. Her last reading had been 220/140 – dangerously high. From her description, it was clear to me that Elaine was suffering from ‘White Coat Syndrome' – meaning the sight of any health professional would send her blood pressure up.

Hypnosis shows you how to overcome white coat syndrome

Hypnosis is a fast track way to influence how your body works. Of course you need to take care of your lifestyle and making healthy life style choices but you can also harness the power of your subconscious mind to lower your blood pressure. White coat syndrome is particularly easy to deal with as treatment is as simple as retraining the mind to respond to the blood pressure test with relaxation instead of anxiety.

Elaine's blood pressure is now better than it has ever been (1). She loves hypnosis and uses it all the time. Now having her blood pressure taken, thanks to hypnosis, is a cue for her to relax deeply and be pleased with her results.

Hypnosis and relaxation has a long history of use in hypertension. One study (2) did a comparison of the effects of three procedures: hypnosis alone (HO), biofeedback alone (BO), and hypnosis and biofeedback combined (HB). The study concluded, “Although both HO and BO were capable of producing decrements in blood pressure, the former, HO, appeared somewhat more effective.”

The Lower Your Blood Pressure download is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and the treatment your doctor recommends. What it will do is allow you to distinguish psychological factors from physical ones. Whilst we urge you to make healthy lifestyle choices and to consult your local medical professional the power of hypnosis in lowering blood pressure is well attested.

Download Lower Your Blood Pressure today and let us know how your next test comes out…

(1) Your results may vary, which is why we provide a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the download out.
(2) A Six-month Follow-up of the Use of Hypnosis and Biofeedback Procedures in Essential Hypertension

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