How dads can kick-start baby bonding before baby arrives

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Connect with Your Unborn Baby –


Connect with Your Unborn Baby –

Baby bonding can seem like an arcane art to dads. Dads really get a bit of a raw deal in the whole run up to the birth of a new baby. It may be natural for all the attention to be focused on the mom, and how she's getting on, and how she feels, but it can leave the dad feeling like a spare part. Like this new child is nothing to do with him. And even if he wants to be part of it, and build a bond with his baby, where does he start?

Dads can get left behind when it comes to baby bonding

There's a vast amount of information and help available to mothers-to-be, and any number of professionals on hand to help them through the pregnancy. But future dads are seemingly somehow expected to be able to take it all in their stride, without any particular help from anyone, and just naturally morph into ‘champion dad' when the baby arrives.

But dads are people too and, like all of us, need time to build relationships. And when it comes to the complex emotions around the arrival of a new baby, a few pointers can be really welcome. Some lucky guys may get support from friends who are also dads, but many men are wary of talking about the emotions they feel about their baby to other men, perhaps fearing they may get laughed at.

Hypnosis can help you form a powerful bond with your baby

Connect with your unborn baby is an audio hypnosis session which offers the dad-to-be an opportunity to step out of all the pressures around the practical aspects of preparing for a new arrival. Listening to this powerfully hypnotic session will engender a deep (and very restful) sense of calm in your soul and allow you to begin bonding with your coming baby in a way that goes beyond words.

Taking the time to listen repeatedly to Connect with your unborn baby during your partner's pregnancy will ensure that, when the birth day comes, you will be more than ready to welcome and celebrate the wonderful new arrival.

Download Connect with your unborn baby and experience fatherhood in a totally new way.

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