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Not Your Parents –


Not Your Parents –

Who are you, really?

Of course, you have a biological mother and father, and half the genes which make your physical self what it is come from one, and half from the other. But the resulting mix is neither of them, however similar in appearance or other characteristics you may seem. You have an inheritance from your parents, but you are not your parents.

How family and parents influence who you think you are

It can be hard to remember that you are not your parents sometimes! Family life is an interesting psycho-social phenomenon. Although all families are made up of individuals, the ‘group identity' can sometimes seem overwhelmingly more important than the individual differences and uniqueness. Because parents are naturally the strongest ‘players' in a family, the influence of their identity often overrides that of the children.

Most people don't really question how their family is, or what their ‘identity' consists of. You just take your family for granted. If you are heavily influenced by your father, or mother, or both, to ‘be like them' rather than develop your own individuality, you may not even notice that this is happening. They may not notice it either! These are often quite unconscious processes.

Parental expectations can be a powerful force

However, over time, these influences can add up to a surprisingly powerful set of expectations. They are not always put into words. Somehow, you just ‘know' what you are expected to do, expected to be. And if you find that, in your heart, you really want to do or be something else (even if you are not sure what), you can find yourself experiencing considerable inner as well as outer conflict.

The other way parents lay expectations on their children is more overt. This is where they do put their expectations into words. Although this can be positive, it seems more often to be negative. These are the parents who say things like ‘You'll never get anywhere!' or ‘You're a real dumbo, aren't you?' Such statements aren't always maliciously intended, but they can do untold harm to your self-esteem and motivation.

Why you need to break free from the parental mold

Trying to break out of the ‘role' that parents and family fit you with can be tricky. It can make you feel like a traitor, for a start. You may have to cope with openly expressed disapproval and disappointment. An unspoken threat hangs over your head – that if you do break free, you will end up being ‘nothing'.

But actually, the opposite is true.

To fully develop the potential of which you are capable, you actually need to establish your own individual identity, on your own terms. This does not necessarily mean cutting yourself off from your family or parents. Family ties are among the most valuable and rewarding connections we can have – but not if they are chains that imprison us.

Hypnosis can help you become who you are meant to be

You are not your parents is an audio hypnosis session which will help you clarify in your own mind where you stand in relation to your own and others' ‘expectations' about you. Dealing with parental expectations can be an emotional business, so one of the prime aims of the session is to help you achieve a level of deep emotional calm, where you can really see the ‘bigger picture' around your life path.

You are not your parents will take you deep into a powerfully transformative trance state where you can connect with the roots of your own individuality and uniqueness. You will discover how to amplify your hidden strengths and develop your confidence. You can acknowledge the benefits that come to you from your parents, and use that as a ‘launch pad' to power your life in the direction that's right for you.

Download You are not your parents and discover who you really are.

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