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Kids – Try New Things – Help your child overcome the fear of uncertainty and enjoy all the experiences the world has to offer


Kids – Try New Things – Help your child overcome the fear of uncertainty and enjoy all the experiences the world has to offer

Is your child hesitant to try new things?

Are you worried it's preventing them from enjoying some wonderful experiences?

Often a reluctance to try new things stems from fear. We all have a need to feel safe and secure, and for children the thought of stepping out of the routine can challenge that by bringing up feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. In addition, some children are reluctant to try something new for fear that they won't be good at it, or that they will look silly.

When children are limited by fear, they miss out on opportunities not only for fun but also for learning, socialization, exercise, and skill building. Not only that, but this attitude of avoiding new experiences can easily persist into adulthood, where those same limitations can severely restrict their quality of life.

So how can we help children overcome the fear of new things and develop a greater sense of self-confidence? This hypnosis session is a great start, but there are plenty of strategies you can try to encourage them to step outside their comfort zone. Here are a few ideas.

How to encourage your child to try new things

One great way to help your child overcome the fear of failure is to teach them that failure isn't a bad thing. None of us are right all the time, and making mistakes is a great way to learn and get better at things. Show them that success is not about winning, but about trying.

In the same vein, help your child to recognize that they are continually growing and improving. The activities they are best at were all new once! Likewise for all the games, foods, and people they love. If we never tried new things, we would miss out on all sorts of things that make us happy.

When your child does try something new, celebrate! Cook their favourite meal, blow up some balloons, or play their favourite game. It's also helpful to record their achievements. For example, you could keep a journal of all the activities they've participated in and how much fun they had, or award stickers whenever they try something new. This is a great resource to draw on when they are feeling uncertain to show them the benefits they've gained in the past by being willing to try new things.

If your child is really reluctant or frightened to try something new, don't push. Instead, help them think of “baby steps” they could take towards eventually doing it. For example, if they are scared to go to school, they could visit the school when nobody is there, or go on a play date with one of the kids that will be in their year.

Of course, as effective as all these strategies can be, when the fear of uncertainty is strong, emotion can override even the most convincing logic. That's why hypnosis can be so effective: it works at the subconscious level to help reset some of these unhelpful emotional patterns.

How hypnosis can help

Try New Things for Kids is a relaxing hypnotic story that will help your child to feel more confident and excited about new experiences.

As your child relaxes and listens repeatedly to this story, you'll notice that they:

  • Are more willing to try new things
  • Look forward to activities that used to worry them
  • Make friends more easily
  • Are more confident in general.

Download Try New Things for Kids now and help your child enjoy the many wonderful experiences the world has to offer. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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