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Confidence In Class –


Confidence In Class –

Fear and self consciousness in the classroom really holds you back. Not only do you miss out on participating as much, your learning is impacted and – perhaps even more importantly – you just don't enjoy it!

If you fear speaking out in a group then the classroom experience can be paralyzing. Every time the tutor looks up to choose someone you can feel like a rabbit in headlights – terrified in case you are chosen.

Being more confident makes you a better learner

The more anxious you become the harder it becomes to learn anything. Strong emotions swamp and hijack the thinking brain.

In addition, you may reduce your ability to learn effectively by feeling too anxious to ask questions.

Being calm and relaxed in class means you can absorb what is being taught and learn quicker because your focus is not on your own emotions but outside of yourself – on the learning itself.

This session will get you feeling relaxed, confident and calm in class.

Download Confidence in Class now and enjoy greater confidence the next time you are in the classroom.

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