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Write A Book –

Have you got a book inside you? Would you like to get it out? What's stopping you? Why aren't you tapping away furiously at your keyboard right now, putting it together? Or scribbling madly in your notebook?

Ideas count for nothing until you can count the words in your book

It's a funny thing, but we often get in our own way when we conceive of a dream like writing a book. We may be brimming with ideas for a story, or have a vivid notion of the characters, or even have an excellent plot all worked out in our heads. We may already be fantasizing about publishing deals and movie rights. But it all counts for nothing until the words that tell the story show up on paper and get submitted to a publisher.

What stops those words from getting on to the paper?

Book before writing equals cart before horse

Many people would like to have written a book. They like the idea of being a published author. Not so many are really prepared to commit themselves to the task of writing that necessarily comes before having written.

Two essential factors in writing a book

There are two essential factors in successful writing. Firstly, you have to have something to say. The idea you want to communicate, the story you want to tell, have to seem to you to be compelling and significant, worth sharing with the world. You have to want to tell us about it, and to believe that we will get something of value from reading your book.

Secondly, you need to commit yourself to the task of telling us. The average novel, as an example, contains somewhere between 30,000 and 80,000 words. You can't write a book in a day. It requires you to set aside regular time for writing, and to set yourself a goal of producing a certain number of words in a certain time.

Breaking down the task of producing a book

It's easy to feel daunted by the sheer size of the task of writing a book. This thought itself is probably responsible for most of the procrastination that besets would-be authors. But remember, the fact that it can't be produced in a day also means that you don't have to complete it all in one go. If you see your task as writing 300-500 words a day, say, rather than 50,000 words in total, it becomes much more manageable.

How to maintain motivation and dedication in writing a book

At the same time, you know that this means that you must keep up the momentum over a considerable time. So it's important to know how to maintain your motivation and commitment when you become tired, or feel uninspired, or when distractions occur.

This is where Write that book can really help you. Write that book is an audio hypnosis session for aspiring authors who find themselves struggling to get on with the task of writing.

Relaxing deeply while listening to Write that book will help you overcome the psychological barriers to writing and boost your motivation and commitment to finish your book. You can use it before you start on the project, and whenever you feel that you might be flagging. It will help you keep the flame of inspiration brightly burning.

Download Write that book and share your inspiration with the world.

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