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Harmony with Nature –


Harmony with Nature –

Being connected to natural surroundings is vital to good mental and even physical health. Research has shown that patients in wards with good views out to trees and greenery heal quicker than patients with restricted views of brick walls or buildings. (1)

And in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Slovenia patients with depression are prescribed agricultural work. (2)

Country walks reduce depression

Researchers at the University of Essex compared a walk in a country park with a walk in a shopping centre in a study of 20 people.

They found 71% reported decreased levels of depression after a country walk compared with 45% after a shopping centre walk.

Participants also felt much less tense and reported greatly increased self esteem after a green walk in nature.

To feel in harmony with nature is intensely pleasurable. To feel at one with the trees, valleys, stars and grass not only maintains good mood but inspires creativity and clear perception.

Harmony with nature gives us perspective on our own lives

Modern stresses make us lose sight of what is truly important to us. When you feel harmonious with nature you regain vision and perspective on your own life. You see where you truly ‘fit' in the great scheme of things and can gain insight into what really needs to be done in your life – as part of the greater whole.

We can't remove ourselves from nature

To be in harmony with nature is to be in harmony with ourselves. We come from the hydrogen and helium of the stars which formed planets one of which formed us – we are nature an intrinsic part of everything we see. The playful song of birds singing on a Spring morning, the warmth of a clear Summer's day, the bubbling of clear mountain water over pebbles, the rock and ice, the sea and oceans we are part of this and these things are part of us.

This session Harmony with Nature will use hypnosis to gently guide you into a rapturous sense of connection to the whole of natural creation. You'll not only appreciate the natural world around you more you'll feel revitalized, refreshed and relaxed – ready to face anything.

The beauty of this session is that you can connect to nature even when you are not ‘in nature'. You can relax to this session even when you're miles away from the nearest bit of natural greenery and still feel connected to nature.

Download Harmony with Nature now and feel your life expand.

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