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Newly Single –


Newly Single –

It can be daunting to suddenly be single again after a relationship ends. This is especially true if it was a long relationship – you can feel as if you have forgotten how to be single!

At first it can feel like a struggle to regain confidence as an independent person. And the thought of getting back ‘out there', not necessarily on the dating scene, but even socializing independently can feel overwhelming.

You may feel unsure that you'll meet someone else eventually (if that is what you'd like to do at some point). Or you may feel that it's somehow embarrassing to go out as a single person, especially if many other people you know are in couples.

Adjusting to changed circumstances

If you had been married or cohabiting then you may be suddenly faced with having to do things that your partner did before. Perhaps daily tasks and responsibilities have to be taken on that you didn't have to think about previously.

Maybe you feel embittered or as if you can't trust a relationship to work out in future. Maybe if you have children the separation has affected them and you worry about that.

Establishing your independent identity

If you are used to feeling your identity was defined by being in a partnership then you need to establish a new identity as an individual.

Now is a wonderful opportunity to respond to this with calm, confidence and optimism.
Newly Single will help you achieve that quicker than you dreamed possible – getting you feeling optimistic and confident about the future again.

Download Newly Single now and start feeling stronger than you thought possible.

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