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Natural Anti-Aging – Use the power of your subconscious to stay youthful


Natural Anti-Aging – Use the power of your subconscious to stay youthful

Does the prospect of aging depress you?

What images and words do you associate with aging?

Slow, weak, defeated, frail, dull, downhill, over the hill, shrunken, past it, confused, cranky, feeble, and senile?

Well think again.

Research shows that having positive ideas (1) about aging can affect the rate at which you age and how you age.

The power of aging stereotypes

Stereotypes are very powerful. When we are exposed to old and frail stereotypes around aging then we are more likely to become frail quicker ourselves.

Look at seniors who stay ‘young' in spirit and body and attitude right up to the end. That should be your stereotype, your role model.

Joseph Pilates, George Burns, Dr Bob Delmontegue who at 86 has a muscular toned body of a super fit thirty year old. Look at Henry Allingham, at 110 the oldest surviving founding member of the RAF who still has a great sense of humor and zest for life.

Youth is an attitude

Our society is obsessed with youth.

But ‘youth' is a concept that can be separated from how many years you happen to have clocked up! ‘Youth' is an attitude, a state of mind. We live in an aging population but you can age vigorously and stay youthful.

You can continue to develop socially, physically and in all ways as you grow older.

Your attitude can keep you youthful in more ways than one.

An experiment that showed how much aging is ‘in the mind'

In 1979 psychologist Ellen Langer carried out an experiment to find if changing thought patterns could slow ageing.

She gathered a group of elderly men all in their late 70s or 80s for what she described as a “week of reminiscence”. They were not told they were taking part in a study into ageing.

The men were split into two groups. They would both be spending a week at a retreat. One of the groups (the control) would be reminiscing about life in the 50's.

The other was asked to act as if it really was 1959, and their environment was filled with props to support this illusion.

At the end of the study Professor Langer tested their gait, dexterity, arthritis, speed of movement, cognitive abilities and their memory. They were all measurably improved in the group who had lived as if it was 1959.

In other words, the group who had ‘pretended' they were younger.

So if you were still unsure about the effect of the mind on aging, hopefully that gives you some food for thought.

Hypnosis and aging

Hypnosis is simply the deliberate, active use of deep imagination, which has the effect of re-educating the unconscious mind. Much like the above experiment did.

The Natural Anti-Aging hypnosis session will relax you deeply and help get rid of unhelpful stereotypes about aging, and replace them with more helpful, youthful patterns.

Download Natural Anti-Aging now and start feeling more youthful today. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

1 The effects of hypnosis on reducing premature mortality and enhancing vigorous longevity.

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