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Fitness Class Motivation –


Fitness Class Motivation –

Whether you attend a fitness class or use an aerobics video or DVD at home, motivation to do you aerobics sessions is a big issue. Sure, your intentions start off well but suddenly the thought of going out when it’s raining to your aerobics class suddenly seems like too big an effort. But the effort is perhaps more worth it than you know.

In fact doing lifelong aerobic activity should be one of those ‘non-negotiable’ activities along with cleaning your teeth and eating and drinking; something that you just take for granted.

Aerobics motivation and youthful aging

The benefits of being consistently motivated to exercise aerobically include an increased life span. The link between regular aerobic activity and longevity was scientifically proven back in 1986 by some research cited in the New England Alumni Health study. (1)

The reasons for a longer and healthier life resulting from aerobic exercise are various. The more you exercise the stronger your heart and lungs become but you are also less vulnerable to many illnesses and diseases. Many diseases (such as diabetes and cancers and heart disease) are caused in large part by obesity. Regular aerobic activity is an efficient way to regulate your weight at a healthy level and also moderate your appetite. When you exercise aerobically on a regular basis then your immune system can also be improved meaning you can fight off illnesses more effectively.

Regular aerobics will increase your stamina and make you more able to mentally concentrate as well right into old age. The mood enhancing aspects to regular aerobics will also keep you youthful in outlook.

Hypnosis and aerobic exercise motivation

Hypnosis is an age old method of motivating the unconscious mind to make it feel perfectly natural to keep doing your aerobics class. Sure you might have to miss a session here and there through circumstances beyond your control but essentially you’ll be doing it as a non-negotiable habit getting all the benefits.

This session will get you aerobically motivated to keep going in the class and also to keep going to the aerobics class.

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1 Physical activity, all-cause mortality, and longevity of college alumni.

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