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Enjoy Paperwork – A hypnosis audio to change your attitude to admin


Enjoy Paperwork – A hypnosis audio to change your attitude to admin

Is your tax return overdue? Have you been putting off filling in that claim form? Is there a pile of official looking documents tucked away in a drawer, waiting for you to ‘get around to it'? And are you prepared to do almost anything rather than get down to the paperwork you know you need to tackle?

Paperwork and red tape tie up modern life

The complexities of modern life have led to a positive pandemic of bureaucracy. Red tape ties you up in every direction. Everything you do requires forms to be filled, approval to be sought, information to be processed. Often the same information over and over again. How tedious and dull is that? It's no wonder most of us are Olympic champion procrastinators when it comes to paperwork.

Common strategies for cutting paperwork are ineffectual

But when it comes to reducing the blight on our lives caused by form filling and bill paying and voter registration and so on and so forth, our strategies are quite often counter-productive. Railing at the originators of the bureaucratic overload raises your blood pressure and has little impact on the flow of paper through the door. And procrastination eventually just leads you into the mother of all paper jams.

Is there another way?

Well, yes, there is! You've heard the old saying – “If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!” If paperwork really is an inescapable part of life, who dictated that you have to find it burdensome, irritating, or tedious? What if you were to find it interesting, rewarding, even fun?

Who says paperwork is boring?

Most people boggle at this notion, but think about it for a minute. How much of our attitude to paperwork is pure conditioning? Do we find it boring and dull because everybody around us says it is boring and dull and we have never questioned this assumption? Do we find it tedious and burdensome because we constantly tell ourselves (while we're doing it!) how tedious it is?

Overcoming the barriers to change so you can enjoy paperwork

But even if you are prepared to entertain the possibility that you might get something out of paperwork, the sheer dead weight of that conditioning makes a pretty daunting barrier. If you've always held a particular view, and always acted in a particular way, how do you overcome the inertia that holds you back from adopting a new view and acting differently?

Enjoy paperwork is an innovative audio hypnosis session which tackles both unquestioned assumptions and inertia by working directly on your unconscious. It's a delightful paradox that this deeply relaxing session will enable you to really enjoy getting your paperwork done by first encouraging you to do nothing at all!

When you sit back and listen to Enjoy paperwork, you'll find yourself being carried away into another world. The challenge of ‘changing your mind' will be transformed into an effortless re-orientation whose effects you will feel far beyond those forms, returns, claims, bills, and so on. And won't it be great when you catch yourself actually enjoying dealing with them?  Or at least, enjoying the benefits of being organised and not having red reminders or over-due fees.

Download Enjoy paperwork and begin to see forms and bills in a wholly different light.

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