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Find Lost Things – A hypnosis audio to teach calm when hunting for lost items


Find Lost Things – A hypnosis audio to teach calm when hunting for lost items

We've all been there.

You've put those keys down somewhere. But where?

You carefully placed that wallet in what you told yourself at the time was a ‘safe place'. But just where is that safe place that you so carefully chose?

We all know that awful feeling of mounting disbelief and rising panic that can swamp us when we've lost things and just can't find them. And we begin to think them really lost. Perhaps for ever.

Losing things is inevitable – but not fun!

No matter how tightly or loosely organized your life is, you will certainly lose things from time to time. Sometimes it won't matter much. The lost item may not be particularly important to you – or anyone else. Of course, the loss of even trivial items can be pretty annoying, but it's much more worrying to lose something significant, like your car keys, or your wallet, or some important keepsake.

Common pitfalls of searching for lost things

So it makes sense to think about the strategies you use when you need to find something that has been misplaced. Most of us have a quite haphazard approach, but one thing we pretty well all have in common is a tendency to go and look in the same place that we just looked in five minutes ago. No matter how carefully you looked the first time, it just feels like it's got to be there, if you just look hard enough!

Looking in the same place over and over is not only irrational and pointless, it means that you concentrate your search efforts in what is clearly the wrong direction. And I've been as guilty of it as anyone. But how do you get yourself to focus on the potential right places? How can you create a strategy for finding lost things that you can reliably put into action when necessary?

Developing an effective strategy for finding lost items

Well, firstly it's about calming those emotional responses I mentioned above – the disbelief and panic. Although they are natural responses in a situation of loss (particularly if the lost object is very important to you), they are utterly unhelpful when it comes to finding what you seek. In fact, they positively hinder you from finding it, as they cloud your brain and make it hard to think clearly.

The importance of using your mind as well as your eyes

Having calmed down the emotional arousal caused by the loss, the next step is to have a well-rehearsed mental and physical strategy. Many people don't appreciate that the mental part is just as important as the physical one – maybe even more important. But really you need both.

A good mental strategy will help you accurately recall your past actions in relation to the last object, and highlight the places where it is most likely to appear. It will also help you stay calm and focused while you search. A good physical strategy will include methodical and thorough examination of suitable locations, without making confusion worse.

You can use hypnosis to help you find lost things

It's much easier to develop an effective combined mental/physical strategy if you apply hypnotic skills to the process. Hypnosis helps you establish an optimum learning state in yourself, so that mastering new skills like effective seeking and finding is easy and effortless. This is true even if you have been a lifelong ‘haphazard hunter'.

Find Lost Things is a hypnosis session which brings together everything you need to build and rehearse your new strategy for finding lost things.

Find Lost Things will teach you the art of relaxing deeply – essential for calming down excessive emotional arousal. It will also teach you vital creative searching skills which you can deploy in your own way to help you track down what you have lost.

Download Find Lost Things and discover what hidden treasures now reveal themselves to you.

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