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Shingles Pain Relief – Hypnosis is a powerful way to get immediate shingles pain relief and stay comfortable


Shingles Pain Relief – Hypnosis is a powerful way to get immediate shingles pain relief and stay comfortable

Are you suffering from pain due to having a bout of shingles?

Are you looking for alternative ways to relieve the discomfort and distress it causes?

People who get shingles are often surprised to discover that it’s caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. They wonder how they can get it, because they’ve had chickenpox as a child, and believe they are immune.

The truth is, of course, if you’ve had chickenpox, you are immune, but only to a new infection. Shingles is usually not a new infection, but a ‘re-awakening’ of the chickenpox virus already resident in the body.

This information isn’t any comfort to you if you are experiencing pain and distress from your outbreak. What you want to know is what you can do, in addition to any medical treatment you are receiving, that will relieve your symptoms and make life more manageable while you recover.

How hypnosis can help you with shingles pain

The Shingles Pain Relief hypnosis audio is a session that specifically targets the particular pain symptoms associated with shingles. Hypnosis is a highly effective and long-established method for relieving pain, and you can use it with complete confidence and safety alongside your medical care.

The deeply relaxing experience of listening regularly to this self hypnosis audio will help you in several ways. You’ll notice that

  • your perception of discomfort begins to change in beneficial ways
  • it becomes easier to tune out uncomfortable sensations
  • you can modify different aspects of these sensations for increased comfort
  • you feel calmer and more optimistic about your condition
  • you sleep better and enjoy life more

Download Shingles Pain Relief now and get more comfortable, quickly. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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