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Glove Anaesthesia – A hypnotic audio showing you how to achieve the glove anesthesia effect

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Glove Anaesthesia – A hypnotic audio showing you how to achieve the glove anesthesia effect

Glove anesthesia is a tried and tested pain control technique whereby the brain's natural processes are utilized to create numbness in a hand. This can be extremely useful as the patient can be taught to hypnotically ‘transfer' this numbness to other parts of the body.

Of course it is vital to understand that pain is the body's way of signaling that something needs addressing. So rather than just switching off this signal you do need to check out the cause of the pain in case it needs to be treated medically.

How hypnosis lets glove anesthesia develop

When working on hypnotic phenomena such as glove anasthesia, the conscious mind ‘takes a back seat' and simply observes what the unconscious mind is doing.

The brain can naturally anethetize any part of the body (have you ever watched an MMA fight?!). The right hypnotic approach engages this natural ability and directs it.

It teaches you more than just anesthetizing!

This ability to detach also happens to be extremely valuable in other life situations, such as being spontaneous when socializing.

Great sports stars and artists often observe their own mastery as if the conscious part of themselves can observe the products of the unconscious mind.

Those who master self-hypnosis can go on to master many of their own physical processes and when you begin to experience hypnotic phenomena such as glove anesthesia, all kinds of other things start to feel possible.

It's an incredible feeling when you realize your unconscious mind is letting you experience glove anesthesia. As your hand starts to become anesthetized you'll be given powerful suggestions to begin experiencing positive changes in your life generally.

Download Experience Glove Anesthesia now and start unlocking your hypnotic potential. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

Note: Due to its advanced nature, Experience Glove Anaesthesia is recommended only for practising hypnotherapists or those experienced in using hypnosis.

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