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Victim Mentality – Change your mind and body to signal personal power and strength, and take the target off your back


Victim Mentality – Change your mind and body to signal personal power and strength, and take the target off your back

Do you sometimes feel like a victim? As if whenever a bully comes on the scene they automatically pick on you?

Do you feel that you might be sending out signals that somehow encourage others to victimize you? That you might have a ‘victim mentality‘?

Well you could be right. There is a target on your back.

How bullies find victims

There always seem to be people around who victimize others. These bullies often ‘test' potential victims to see whether they can be pushed around. If they come up against a ‘solid wall' that clearly shows that this person is not for victimizing they will continue to seek the person they can push around until they find them.

To stop being a victim you need to stop looking like a victim.

The way you use your eyes, the way you hold your head and the way you walk all speak volumes about your sense of personal respect and power.

Passive body language is the classic victim mentality stance with the hunched shoulders and avoidance of eye contact.

Non-victims stand upright but in a relaxed manner, they look people calmly in the eyes. To do this you need to start feeling more confident and this is how this session is going to help.

Even muggers read body language

Muggers will choose a victim who looks like a victim, who doesn't walk with a sense of purpose, looks down, doesn't have a strong look in their eye etc. In short the kind of person who doesn't look as if they would put up much of fight.

Professor Geoff Beattie, a body language expert from the Manchester University in the UK, states street robbers are great at analyzing body language to identify potential victims. He says: “They're looking for people who, in their words, ‘look clueless', who will go along with their demands,” he explains.

You may not have a problem with muggers but people can ‘mug' you in the office or in your personal life by being rude, putting you down and inflicting psychological pain.

Your body language needs to signal personal power even if you are not physically strong.

So being a victim is as much about your attitude as the attitude of those who victimize you. This does not mean that it is your fault if someone tries to victimize you.

Imagine the difference when you lose the victim mentality

Imagine feeling more powerful, tough, firm but still fair and approachable.

Your attitudes emanate from you and communicate to the subconscious minds of those around you. It's amazing how many bully victims we've helped change their attitudes and then they've reported that people who used to victimize them no longer do because they just seem to sense something different – some line they can't cross any more.

Download Escape Victim Mentality now and take the target off your back!

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