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Cloud Nine – Rediscover how good life can be with this permissive, gentle hypnosis session


Cloud Nine – Rediscover how good life can be with this permissive, gentle hypnosis session

Life's not all about problem solving and dragon slaying, though you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Sometimes, what you really need is just to float off on Cloud Nine and remember what a marvellous thing it is to be alive in this marvellous world.

But where is Cloud Nine and how do you get there?

Children are the original inhabitants of Cloud Nine

When you look into the face of a child who is ecstatically thrilled by the wonder of a butterfly, you are looking into the face of a native of Cloud Nine. Children are still awake to the miracle of existence, and find everything entrancing, from making mud pies to the stars in the sky. Their joy comes from focusing on the wonder that is in front of them. They don't worry about what is past, nor dread what is to come.

Exiled from Cloud Nine?

As we grow older, it's easy to fall off Cloud Nine, and even forget that we were ever there. (And you were.) Life's problems can take over, and fill the horizon, till it seems we have forgotten what joy is. Or we may vaguely recall a distant happiness, but feel we can no longer know it.

Fortunately, this is an illusion.

Cloud Nine is but a step away

Though our problems may be very real and pressing, our constant preoccupation with them is a mind set, which can be changed. Constantly focusing on what's wrong with our lives actually changes our brain chemistry. We suppress the flow of ‘feel good' neurotransmitters, and set ourselves on a vicious spiral which can only lead, in the long run, to anxiety and depression.

Conversely, when we actively turn our minds to what's good and right about our lives, we raise the level of those feel good chemicals. This naturally encourages us to be hopeful and creative in our responses -thus moving to a virtuous spiral which will bring us better health improve our chances of dealing effectively with our problems.

You can be on Cloud Nine today

Cloud Nine will help you rediscover just how good life is, and reconnect you with your own power to appreciate and enjoy what the world offers you. Cloud Nine makes it easy for you to set aside your worries for a time and focus on the miracle of your being here now. It will encourage you to ensure that you make this a regular feature of your life, whatever you are facing.

Download Cloud Nine now and recover your birthright to joy. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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