Enjoy a colorful and exhilarating ride on a magic carpet – courtesy of your own mind!

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Ride on a Magic Carpet – A relaxing, imaginative hypnosis audio


Ride on a Magic Carpet – A relaxing, imaginative hypnosis audio

Imagine an amazing ride over fabulous dreamscapes as your magic carpet transports you to places you've never known about!

This 20 minute hypnosis session can provide a refreshing and fun break from your day – just pop it on and follow the narrator as he takes you on a fantastic journey.

It is now well known that regular relaxation improves concentration in day to day life, boosts your immune function and keeps you feeling young and energetic. You can use ‘Ride on a Magic Carpet‘ to de-stress and or as a way of improving your creative imagination.

Ride on a Magic Carpet‘ will whisk you away on a beautiful journey inside your mind through Eastern landscapes and scenarios.

Your creativity will gently expand as you experience the exotic delights of this hypnotic journey. Like a guided dream of such pleasure and peace you'll experience magic and entrancement! You'll see oriental palaces and diamond seas, meet wise mystics and above all relax amazingly deeply.

Download ‘Ride on a Magic Carpet‘ now and enjoy a blissful journey to far-off places in your mind!

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