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Eat More Vegetables – A hypnosis audio to change your attitude to your ‘five a day’


Eat More Vegetables – A hypnosis audio to change your attitude to your ‘five a day'

Being forced to eat more vegetables (or fruit) than we liked as children is a horrid memory for many of us.

Parents and carers still regularly make this mistake, and it's such a shame, because experiences like that turn so many people off from eating the wonderful fruits and vegetables that nature offers us in such abundance. We've evolved to enjoy eating fruit and vegetables, and it's surely our right to do so!

Family history can cheat your taste buds

In some families, the antipathy to vegetables and fruit gets passed on. Parents who don't like fruit and vegetables won't offer them to their children, so you can get a generation who are just not accustomed to eating fresh produce and who will turn it down because it is unfamiliar.

In addition, they won't know how to prepare vegetables to get the best from them, so how are they going to be willing to eat more vegetables?

The challenge of eating fresh food in the fast food era

On top of these barriers, the fast food, pre-packaged world we live in actually cuts many of us off from fresh foods. In some food outlets, you will be lucky to find a single fresh fruit or vegetable in its natural state.

Everything is chopped and wrapped and blended and buried in some other product and sold in a polystyrene package which seems designed to drain all the flavor out of everything. Who'd want to eat that?

It's good to eat more vegetables – and it should be easy

Meanwhile, the health pundits are busy advising us that we should eat more vegetables and fruit for a healthy life – about five portions a day.

But if you've become accustomed to a lifestyle which never presents you with a fresh vegetable or fruit, you might wonder how on earth you're going to look after yourself properly and eat more fruit and vegetables without having to go to extremes!

How you can use hypnosis to develop a taste for fruit and vegetables

Fortunately, all these phenomena, instinctive though they may appear, are actually cultural effects. They are patterns of behavior and attitudes invented by people, and are not written into our genes. That means that, powerful though they seem, they can be modified – when you know how. This means you really can look forward to being able to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Enjoy eating fruit and vegetables is an audio hypnosis session which takes all the effort out of changing what may be a long-established eating preference. Instead of focusing on conscious effort to ‘eat more vegetables', or ‘eat more fruit' this session uses the power of therapeutic hypnosis to ‘update' the instinctive ‘disgust' patterns in your brain to one of curiousity.

Like the child who says “don't like it” before they've even chewed a single morsel, you can learn to suspend judgement until you've fully savoured the flavour and texture, and be pleasantly surprised that peas (or whatever) are actually sweet and delicious.  And more-ish.

When you listen to Enjoy Eating Fruit and Vegetables, you'll find yourself relaxing amazingly deeply. This process ‘switches' you into a powerful learning state, where making the changes that you want to make feels natural, inevitable, and effortless. You'll find yourself just naturally beginning to enjoy a wider range of fresh foods, and you'll notice that you appreciate far more different tastes than you were aware of before.

Download Enjoy Eating Fruit and Vegetables and make a healthy life easy peasy. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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