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Needles & Cannulas –


Needles & Cannulas –

Needles or cannulas might be an essential part of your cancer treatment, and if you are not comfortable with them it will make your treatment much more unpleasant.

Getting tense has its uses. Sometimes.

Fear is all about being on the alert. In its place it gets us going by making heart pump harder and getting us to breath quicker. In fact all the things we'd need to have happen if we were running away from something that was about to harm us.

Unfortunately when we tense certain changes happen. For one we become more sensitive to pain and secondly the immune system works less effectively.

Your experience of time

Another element to the experience of being tense is how time seems to slow right down when you feel uncomfortable. You may have noticed this. Fifteen minutes can seem a lot longer when you're tense. This is known as time distortion. At other times, when you are more relaxed or enjoying something then time seems to go a lot quicker.

Quickly developing your hypnotic abilities

As you develop your hypnotic ability you'll also notice something else. It's true to say that we can be physically in one place but emotionally and imaginatively we can be somewhere else. For example you can be in bed asleep having a dream and although you are physically in bed, psychologically and imaginatively you are within the dream place.

A person can be sitting on a train or plane but their mind could be deeply associated with some other time and place – which would mean they would cease to notice time passing on the train or plane. This kind of disassociation is very hypnotic.

When you become disassociated from your current location and circumstances then to some extent you become more physically disassociated as well. This means your brain registers less pain and discomfort when you are strongly imaginatively associated with a relaxed time and place. Developing the capacity to do this at will gives you a great sense of control.

This is one way this session can help you. Hypnosis is also used to lessen the actual experience of pain so that needle experience can actually start to feel more comfortable.

Your body aligns to what your mind imagines

When you relax deeply all the systems in the body work more efficiently, from your immune response to your respiratory system. Recalling pleasant, healthy and relaxing times with all your senses – that is to say getting a sense of the colours, shapes, sounds, sensations and even tastes and smells can just allow you to reassess those times. As far as your body is concerned you are back there again. We want this download to encourage you, not just to relax, but to relax when you really need to.

This skill will make having needles and cannulas inserted much, much easier.

Download Easier Needles below.

Note: If you purchase this cancer download, all procceds will be donated to our charity. However, if you are suffering from cancer and cannot afford to buy the download, please contact us for a free copy.

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