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Golf – Hitting Over Hazards –


Golf – Hitting Over Hazards –

You know the holes you hate. Maybe there are one or two on your regular course that no matter how often you play them, they throw you off your game. Or maybe a certain type of hazard always adds shots to your card.

Sand traps, water, bunkers, roads, trees, rough… whatever the hazard, something in your brain goes ‘click' and your next shot is a nightmare.

Hazards – all in the mind?

So what is it about hitting over hazards? It's still just a shot but somehow that stretch of water or that obscured uphill fairway… somehow it's just off-putting!

Even low levels of tension throw off the fine muscle tone and balance required to play your best golf.

Just as with any other shot, when you hit over hazards your mind needs to be just right. A hazard is only a hazard if you see it that way. The ‘Hitting over hazards‘ hypnotic session will train your instincts to relax with hazards enabling you to ‘go into the zone' every time.

Download your hitting over hazards hypnosis session now and enjoy your next round much, much more!

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