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Shy Naked – Hypnosis can help you gently come to a new emotional relationship with your naked body


Shy Naked – Hypnosis can help you gently come to a new emotional relationship with your naked body

Feeling shy and embarrassed when you undress in front of someone like your partner can really inhibit your personal life.

Some people feel too shy to even appear naked in front of their partner and this level of shyness can ruin intimate moments. Anxiety has no place in the bedroom!

Whether it's getting changed in a locker room or walking across the room naked in front of a loved one – embarrassment when naked can be a real heel.

Some people can strut around naked with absolutely no self consciousness at all regardless of what physical shape they're in.

So why is that?

You don't need to go that far but perhaps you would like to feel a bit more relaxed when naked.

Being unembarrassed when naked is attractive and sexy

You don't need to become an exhibitionist but if you feel overly anxious about undressing when an (appropriate) person is present, such as your partner, then the Shy When Naked session is for you.

Being relaxed in your own skin is very attractive and sexy regardless of your appearance. Confidence is always attractive.

Early conditioning about nudity

For people with shyness problems around nudity, it is often the case that nakedness was seen as something embarrassing when they were growing up and therefore you learnt (from other people's ideas) to feel shy when naked.

And as a result, maybe now you feel ‘judged' or vulnerable when naked, even in front of the person you are closest to.

How it feels to be relaxed with no clothes on

Another word for shyness is anxiety. Imagine how it will feel when you are calm and relaxed when naked – what a liberation!

Once you're relaxed with being naked you'll find that very quickly you won't even think about it any more. There is a wonderful honesty to being naked.

All of the animals in creation are comfortable with their nakedness. It's more natural not to be overly shy when naked.

The great thing about this session is that you get to relax deeply which is so enjoyable and good for you and you have the chance to feel so much more relaxed about being naked in future.

Download Shy When Naked now and feel different when you next take off your clothes. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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