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Find a New Job – This gentle hypnosis session will help you create the confidence you need to go for a new job


Find a New Job – This gentle hypnosis session will help you create the confidence you need to go for a new job

Looking for a new job can feel like a big step.

If you've been out of the worlplace for a while, the thought of going back can feel overwhelming.

And it takes confidence to admit you don't like the job you have, and confidence to go looking for a new one.

While a new job can give you greater satisfaction, opportunities, sense of meaning and self respect, you may not feel much like moving just now. Even the pull of more money may not get you over your inertia.

But is there ever going to be a ‘perfect time'? What would need to happen for you to get out there and find yourself a new job?

Is it job-seeking skills?

It may be the mechanics of job hunting that are putting you off. Perhaps you feel anxious about applying for a new job, making the call for an application form or presenting yourself in the best possible way at an interview.

Or maybe just the thought of starting a new job with all its challenges feels overwhelming.

Motivation to start your job search

If you are feeling under motivated it can be difficult to appreciate what you have to offer a workplace. Without regular reminders of your own skills through exciting and challenging work, you can feel as if you have little to offer.

Or perhaps you have not been working for a while and that's why you feel you have lost confidence in the workplace and need to re-build confidence to get back into it.

One thing's for sure – feeling negative about finding and going for a new job can really hold you back.

This gentle, permissive hypnosis session has been developed by psychologists to get you feeling positive, confident, calm and relaxed about finding your new job.

Courage to Find a New Job will help you prepare emotionally ad build up your confidence so the anxiety you're feeling melts away.

Download Courage to Find a New Job now and take the first positive step. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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