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Reach Your Goals – How to use hypnosis to make sure you achieve the goals you set yourself

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Reach Your Goals – How to use hypnosis to make sure you achieve the goals you set yourself

How often have you set a new goal and felt ‘this is the one!’, only to look back a few weeks or months later and wonder where all that motivation went?

It’s exciting when you first decide to pursue a new goal. But the excitement can soon fade as the hard work of pursuing your goal kicks in.

Of course we all know that nothing worthwhile comes without work, but somehow the initial compulsion to achieve a goal can be incredibly hard to recapture once the initial glow has faded.

It’s the tortoise that wins the race

We live in an ‘instant world’. Instant emails, text messages, food and instant fame and fortune – or so it seems when we don’t see the hard work that got celebrities where they are today.

We worship speed, instant solutions, fast track lives but the people who really make it big are the ones who can see through all that. They know that dogged determination, even when it feels thankless, is the way to goal success and ambition fulfillment.

Keep your passion burning

Maybe you’ve been wondering whether it’s even right to follow your goal if it doesn’t feel as exciting now. Maybe you’ve started making excuses to yourself in case you fail, or you can’t really recall why you were so excited in the first place.

Well hang on a moment! Remember you had good reasons to follow your goals at the time and you need to recall those reasons not just logically but with your heart and your feelings.

Stay loyal to your goals even when it feels thankless and you will get the right reward at the right time.

Expecting to be ‘paid’ before the job is properly done (even if it’s emotional ‘payment’) doesn’t work. Your reward will come as a by-product of being able to work hard even when there is no instant reward. That will build something valuable in you and of course you’ll gain the satisfaction and other rewards from actually achieving your goals.

How hypnosis can help you reach your goals

There’s one thing you may be missing when you’re wondering where all that motivation went.

The fact that it was there to start with.

And that’s powerful resource that we can utilize with hypnosis.

Because at the time of perfect focus, motivation and drive, your entire mind/body was aligned to achieving that goal. You knew why you wanted to do it, why you should do it, and more importantly, you wanted to do it.

Your motivation was powerful enough to sweep away any obstacle in your path.

With hypnosis we can use ‘revivification’, which is a technique whereby you go back to that initial feeling and bring it into the present.

The Reach Your Goals session re-primes your unconscious mind with that determination, so you recharge your motivation battery to get you driving towards your goal again.

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