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Post Hypnotic Suggestion – Work with your unconscious mind to improve habits, attitudes, and behaviours


Post Hypnotic Suggestion – Work with your unconscious mind to improve habits, attitudes, and behaviours

Are you looking for a way to change a certain pattern of behavior?

Would you like to feel different, or behave differently, in a specific situation?

Our human brains are incredibly powerful, particularly when it comes to learning.

And much of the learning we do actually takes place in our unconscious mind.

For example, babies learn to talk without consciously trying to memorise words and sounds. They pick it up through experience, which we don’t remember as adults.

We know the skill, but not how it was acquired.

Some habits need updating

And some of the behaviours, responses, attitudes, and more that we pick up throughout our lives are healthy, and contribute to us being well-rounded people.

While others are maybe not so helpful, and we would benefit from updating these learned patterns.

And sometimes, we may be mostly happy with the way that we are, but we want to improve some aspect of our lives, such as how we feel in a social setting, or how we react to certain people.

The challenge of change

Whatever it is that you want to change about yourself, it can be challenging to make these changes stick.

Because it can be hard to use the conscious mind to update behaviours that are firmly embedded in the unconscious.

But the good news is that there is a way to do it.

Create lasting change with post hypnotic suggestion

Create Post Hypnotic Suggestions is an audio hypnosis session that gives you the freedom to choose what you’d like to change, and then works with your unconscious mind to make it last.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll:

  • Create a post hypnotic trigger to make you feel the way you want
  • Develop the capacity to make lasting change within yourself at an unconscious level
  • Develop lasting positive behaviours within yourself
  • Find that positive changes feel natural.

Download Create Post Hypnotic Suggestions and take control of your own self improvement.

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