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Loss of a Pet – A hypnotic story to help children when a beloved pet dies


Loss of a Pet – A hypnotic story to help children when a beloved pet dies

Has your child recently lost a beloved pet?

Are you wondering what’s the best way to help them cope?

Pet owners know how an animal can find its way into your heart, and become as much a family member as anyone else in the house. And when such an animal dies, their humans are naturally grief stricken. This is hard enough for adults, but for young children it can be even more painful, because they often invest such a huge part of themselves in their pet.

Children, of course, don’t know anything about the ‘psychology’ of the relationship between kids and animals. All they know is that this creature whom they loved and who is so important to them is no longer around for them to play with. How can this be?

Although it is important to explain the facts about death, so that your child can begin to learn the difficult lesson of mortality, a child needs more than facts to help them cope. They need a way of making some meaning out of what has happened.

And this is where a story can really help.

A hypnotic story can reassure a child whose pet has died

Kids – Loss of a pet is an audio download story created especially for young children. An imaginary character goes through this very same experience, discovering different ways to deal with grief. This will trigger the child’s own imagination (and perhaps yours too) on how to remember and celebrate the pet who brought so much joy to their lives.

Download Kids – Loss of a pet and help your child come through this sad time.


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