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Childless Not By Choice – Let gentle, permissive hypnosis help you develop a new perspective


Childless Not By Choice – Let gentle, permissive hypnosis help you develop a new perspective

Have you found yourself unable to become a parent for reasons other than personal choice?

Do you find it painfully difficult to live with this situation?

Most of us unquestioningly assume that our lives will follow a natural progression from being a child to becoming an adult and then becoming a parent whose children will go on to do the same.

It's one thing to make a deliberate choice not to become a parent, and it's a totally different thing to find oneself childless ‘against one's will'.

Childlessness may not have been deliberately forced on you, (although this can happen too), but sometimes things just turn out that you have no offspring, however much you may have wanted them.

This might be due to infertility, but it could also be that you just haven't met a person with whom you would wish to have a child, or that you have met such a person, but other circumstances have got in the way.

It can feel hard to let go of the future that didn't happen

Whatever the reason, relinquishing the natural dream of raising your own family can be a painful process.

It's not made any easier by the general lack of understanding shown by others, who can often be blind to your lack of choice in the matter, quite judgmental about what they see as your ‘selfishness' and highly insensitive to your feelings on the subject.

Of course, you are aware that it's perfectly possible to have a good and satisfying life without children. But knowing that this is so is a very long way from feeling happy with your life, even if there are no children of your own in it.

It can feel as if there's a permanent black cloud of grief hanging over you, preventing you from enjoying life as you deserve.

Hypnosis can help ease your way

Childless Not By Choice is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists for thwarted would-be parents who have to somehow accommodate themselves to a life quite different from what they had hoped for. It is specifically designed to help you deal with the difficult emotions aroused by your situation.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll experience a number of significant healing changes occurring. You'll notice that

  • your feelings of grief and loss become more manageable
  • you don't get so overwhelmed by the times of sadness that come your way
  • you start to feel freer and lighter and more hopeful about your future
  • you develop a new rich sense of ‘who you are'
  • you really begin to build a life that's satisfying and rewarding to you

Download Childless Not By Choice and make your peace with life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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