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Cancer Test –

Waiting for cancer test results can be terrifying. It often feel that it's the uncertainty that's the worst thing to bear! Not knowing is what people hate as well as, of course, a less happy result.

No one can totally predict what cancer test results will be for sure but a real skill to develop is to relax with the uncertainty, to be calm with the waiting, to not even imagine what the results are.

An even more important attitude to encourage within yourself is to feel that ‘whatever happens, whatever the outcome of this test/tests I will equip myself as best as I possibly can and face the future as positively as possible!'

Amplify positive feelings with hypnosis

These aren't just thoughts they are also positive feelings. I'm sure you've already had to tolerate uncertainties and try and feel that whatever happens some how you'll cope. But what if these feelings and attitudes can be amplified and made much more powerful.

When a cat watches a mouse hole it doesn't pre-empt the future. It doesn't try to guess what will happen before the mouse emerges it just waits comfortably-ready for anything that it might need to do in the future.

Hypnosis is the most powerful way to instill positive attitudes and to keep you calm when you really need to keep calm.

The regular relaxation you'll receive alone from this session when you relax to it regularly will help you both physically and psychologically.

Download Cancer Test Calm now and give yourself a break from the anxiety of not knowing.

Note: If you purchase this cancer download, all procceds will be donated to our charity. However, if you are suffering from cancer and cannot afford to buy the download, please contact us for a free copy.

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