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Control Hunger – Use hypnosis to learn a new way to respond to hunger signals


Control Hunger – Use hypnosis to learn a new way to respond to hunger signals

Are you trying to stick to a healthy diet or weight management routine and finding it hard to control hunger pangs?

Do you sometimes feel you are somehow sabotaging your own efforts?

The question of appetite management can be a real bugbear when you set your mind to living more healthily. In the normal course of things, it's not something you need give any thought to.

But when you resolve to lose weight, or keep within a healthy BMI range, or even just cut out foods that you know aren't doing you any good, you can suddenly find that some very physical phenomena start giving you unexpected grief!

How wanting to control hunger can trigger hunger

It's as if the knowledge that you have in your head that when you've finished this meal, there are X hours until the next one, plays some kind of trick on your digestive system and appetite.

Never mind that, before you started your program, you were perfectly well able to get through X hours without specially thinking about food. Now that it's a ‘fixed' time that you want to keep to, it seems to act like a trigger.

You may find yourself thinking non-stop about food. It feels like you are being so hard on yourself, denying yourself all those treats.

The sight of certain delicious goodies, the smells wafting from a food stall, the menu hanging in a restaurant window, not to mention all that food advertising on TV, all seem to set your mouth watering and your stomach rumbling. Never have X hours seemed so very long.

But you really do want to reach and maintain your healthy living and eating goals.

What can you do?

A better way to curb appetite

Firstly, you can make sure that the diet routine you are following is itself a healthy and sustainable program, and not the type of diet that pushes your body into 'emergency survival' mode because of inappropriate restriction.

Unfortunately, many popular ‘fad' diets have this effect, and are best avoided. All good diets will encourage you to eat a healthy, balanced range of protein, fiber, healthy fats and vegetables.

Secondly, you can reprogram your hunger instincts.

You read that right. Although hunger is an instinctive survival response, the way we handle it is largely socially conditioned – that is, we've learned how to be hungry.

And that means you can learn a new way to be hungry. And the easiest, fastest and most effective way to do that is with the help of hypnosis.

Hypnosis can re-educate your instincts to control hunger pangs

Control Hunger is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists with wide experience in the field of weight loss and management.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, powerful hypnotic suggestions will be absorbed by your unconscious mind. You'll quickly start to notice that:

  • your head is no longer totally pre-occupied with food
  • your stomach and gut feel more comfortable and easy
  • you no longer feel irresistible hunger pangs at ‘non-meal' times
  • you find that you naturally forget to even think about food between meals
  • you really begin to enjoy the healthier way you are living

Download Control Hunger now and reset your hunger signals. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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