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Bulimia Treatment – Use hypnotic techniques to regain control of your eating patterns


Bulimia Treatment – Use hypnotic techniques to regain control of your eating patterns

Bulimia is more than just occasionally eating more than you should. Most people have a binge now and then. When bulimia takes hold it feels like it controls your whole life.

The cycle of bulimia

There is a bulimic cycle which starts with a feeling of stress or a build up of tension. Next there may be a period of planning (even if that's just for a few minutes) during which time you decide when, where and on what you'll binge.

Bulimia is hypnotic

At the onset of a bulimic episode there is a trance out feeling where everything else seems to fade into the background as you forget time passing or outside thoughts and ideas and just pile into the particular food you are binging on.

Eventually, of course the particular binge episode will finish. This either happens because you feel fit to burst and just can't put any more in almost as if you're stomach will split.

Next in the bulimic cycle comes the purging. Whether it's making yourself vomit or taking laxatives or both. This is like ‘having your cake and eating it!' Or ‘Having your fill but keeping slim‘.

The cycle may end when no more can ‘come out.' Afterwards there may be self-disgust or a sense of shame that the bulimia has got the upper hand once again or relief or sleepiness.

Different reasons for bulimia

There may be many different reasons for the bulimia. It could be that you learnt the bulimic pattern from people around you; perhaps you have issues with perfectionism and body image or self esteem. Actually overcoming bulimia can help normalise the tyranny of perfectionism, modify obsessive distortions around body image and of course raise self-esteem because you've taken back control.

Bulimia steals from you

The fact remains that the bulimia has stolen energy, time and health from you as well as possibly dignity and self respect and also the ability to enjoy food naturally and normally.

Continual vomiting erodes the enamel from your teeth and can damage the structures in your throat and over-use of laxatives will steal your long term health big time.

If your health has in any way been detrimentally affected because of bulimia then you must consult a medically trained professional immediately.

Bulimia picks its moments

There are sure to be certain risk times when bulimia is more likely to rear its ugly head and promise you what it can't (in the long term) truly deliver things like feelings of security or relief from boredom.

When is it more likely to happen? When you are bored, stressed, disappointed, home alone?

Because an episode of bulimia is very much like a hypnotic trance state-your focus of attention becomes locked, you forget everything else, there are certain ‘post-hypnotic' triggers which set it off, then using this hypnotic session can help un-hook some of those trigger points and get you feeling more relaxed and confident and in charge of it for a change.

Download our Control Bulimia hypnosis session and regain your freedom to live as you want…

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